October 19, 2009

#5 Help for 'Brain Fog' and Stress Management

As if raising teens wasn’t stressful enough, try doing it when you are sleep deprived and in a hormonally induced brain fog! There are many things that contribute to brain fog in perimenopause, and low estrogen and fluctuating hormones are big contributors.

The solutions we’ve already covered – exercise, nutrition and soy – will all help keep our brain functioning well. A good night’s sleep (solution #8) is also key to keeping the memory sharp and nerve endings un-frazzeled.

There are some additional solutions to help keep the brain sharp and the stress to a dull roar.

  • Yoga – yoga can help you relax and focus.

  • Herbal SupplementsSt. John’s Wort, Ginko and B Vitamins have all been shown to lift mood and sharpen memory.

  • Stress Relief Supplements –Theanine is found in green tea and has been linked to lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and when combined with other amino acids creates an effective stress relief supplement. If you choose a natural stress relief product, make sure it does NOT include Kava (linked to liver damage).

  • Green Tea – theanine, found in green tea, affecte the brain and helps improve mood. It significantly increases the brain’s level of dopamine and serotonin (neurotransmitters linked to a sense of well being). It also releases GABA in the brain which calms over-excitation, eases anxiety and promotes relaxation. Benefits of Green Tea

  • Professional Help - If your stress is severe, seek the help of a professional counselor.

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